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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy onlinembaindia, seeks to protect and promote the privacies, reputations, and dignities of our Indian and global visitors and clients. Our extensive list of visitors and clients covers the categories of students, professionals, educators, business schools and universities, educational institutions, companies in various fields, businesspersons and managers, unemployed persons, housewives, etc., who together form a rather huge number. To meet ours this objective, we strictly and punctiliously follow the following principles and rules:

All pieces of trivial or significant information related with our any visitor or client, are never disclosed to any third person or entity, nor are used ever by any person of our prestigious and responsible firm. These pieces or strings of information could be connected with email ID or mobile number of our any visitor or client, the questions asked by him/her/it, the queries send by them, the suggestions offered to us by them, activities or occupational areas of them, and our advices forwarded to them. Therefore, they may rest assured that they are fully safe while they make connection with us, with regard to confidentiality of their identity and information. Again, our firm does not want to harm the well-established business, distinction and repute, and popularity of any individual person, educational institution, or company. We just like to provide accurate, unbiased, and very beneficial information to our visitors of India and abroad. All comparative data, priority listings, and innovative ideas and suggestions contained in our website, are results of intelligent and unbiased compilation, and our best efforts to make our website impressive, unique, and maximally useful. Lastly, our firm should be deemed to be oblivious to the privacy policies of all those websites or companies, the web-links or referrals of which, may ever be found on any web-pages of ours this prestigious website. To know our standing fully, along with this privacy policy, our disclaimer may also be seen.